CHAIM JALAS (Genetics Educator)

Chaim Jalas has been an active researcher and investigator in the area of Genetics and Fertility since the start of his career more than 10 years ago. With over 40 publications, Chaim has played a significant role in the development of multidisciplinary research, technology and clinical research in the area of Genetics and Fertility. He has been named Principal Investigator or Co-investigator for numerous studies conducted at prestigious institutions such as the Broad institute of MIT and Harvard in Boston and Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. He serves on the board of Columbia University’s IRB and continues to practice his clinical research expertise.  Chaim draws on his significant experience in developing and validating genetic tests to conduct regular didactic sessions with the fellows on topics such as aneuploidy screening, PGS platforms, single gene disorder PGD workflow, and emerging technologies.